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Alicante airport

The wide majority of visitors to Alicante will be getting there by air, and thus will be landing at the Alicante Airport, which is also known as L’Altet Airport. Alicante is an extremely popular tourist city located in the Valencian Community of Spain, and as such it should come as no surprise that Alicante airport rent a car services are also very popular in the city. People come to this … Read more →

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Alicante airport car rental

Alicante city is known for having a very vibrant nightlife and great beaches which are a great pull for a large number of tourists from a large array of age groups, and it’s a great place to visit for those looking into ways of exploring the Mediterranean lifestyle. The fact is that the place is much more than a simple destination for those looking for fun in the sun, although … Read more →

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Alicante city

Alicante city is the second-largest urban settlement in the Valencia region, a place that for many is nothing more than a tourist hot-spot, and while that may be indeed true, there is surely much more to it than that. First off there’s the weather, which has to be said, it’s rather splendid. This makes the San Juan Beach one of the best beaches in the region, it’s been awarded the … Read more →

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