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Car Hire Alicante

Car Hire Alicante

Car Hire Alicante – Alicante city

When you’re going to visit Alicante make sure to consider employing our Alicante car hire services as your main means of transportation through this very well known tourist destination. Your holiday will surely benefit from having a car at your disposal, much more so than you might initially think.

You can get into Alicante using many modes of transportation, including by train, tram, bus or even boat, but of course most of these variants imply that you are already in the country or somewhere close-by. Those who will be visiting from abroad and who want to get straight to Alicante will most likely be landing at the Alicante Airport, which is also known as the L’Altet Airport.

Alicante airport is located at about eleven kilometers, or almost seven miles, from the city center, however you need not worry about wasting time arranging for transportation to the city because our Alicante Airport car hire services can have the car of your choice ready and waiting for you at the airport, all you have to do is mention when you book your car the exact date and time that you’ll want it there.

As far as the choice of car goes, there are plenty to choose from, our fleet being a very varied one, randing in options from small economy-type cars, to larger seven or nine-seater cars, or even cargo vans. Your choice of car will obviously depend exclusively on your requirements for the trip, however there are plenty of options that take into account other variations, such as preference for one type of gearbox over another, or the type of fuel used, we have it all covered.

Alicante Airport car rental

The main advantage of renting a car while on your trip to Alicante can be found in the sheer flexibility of having a car at your disposal, the advantages are basically the same as those you have while you’re at home, but you don’t realize it then. You will realize it however during your trip if you don’t have a car at your disposal. Rest assured that you won’t regret making an early booking online from our Alicante car rental services.

There are quite a few attractions and landmarks to be seen around the town of Alicante, arguably the easiest one to spot is the Castle of Santa Barbara – Castillo de Santa Barbara. The fortress was initially built by the Muslims during the 9th century, located on Mount Benacantil right in the center of Alicante. The Castle has been in constant use for most of this time, it has seen many battles and sieges and it was even used as a prison during the 18th century.

The Island of Tabarca is at about eleven nautical miles from the city and its worth a visit because the surrounding waters are a Mediterranean marine nature reserve.

Of course there is much more to Alicante than just this, there’s a great beach, a couple of interesting churches and many more, all of which you can visit with the help of our car hire Alicante services.

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